​​A stormy Halloween night is interrupted by a visit from the legendary Headless Horseman of Hog Hollow. Ten-year-old Joey comes face-to-face with the Hog Hollow's  legend as a country tale becomes reality. Free on Kindle Unlimited. ​  

What happens when an over confident father is left alone with the children. ​Soon


A heart warming story of a single mother making a Christmas dream come true. Soon

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A collection of nostalgic stories of friends, family, and the game of baseball​ Available April 2018

Short Stories

"I am not a sports person. It's difficult to write about sports in such a way to pique my interest for one sport, baseball there only three writers who can get me interested. They are Ring Lardner, H. Allen Smith, and Joe Glasgow. All of whom realize that baseball is, or can be, a metaphor, or example of, the meaning of life, as lesser sports, like football or basketball or curling can't." -Rex May ex-armyblogspot.com